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Puppy Training – The Social Benefits

If you got a new puppy or are planning to buy one. Here are the three easy things to teach so that it will benefit you in the future in the form of social benefit. 

On their first day with you don’t throw much on them. Some dogs need time to settle with you and at your home. You need to form a strong relationship with them. The puppy should be trained from its small age itself. So the puppy can understand you and your family through the growing life phases. And can act perfectly, in any necessary situations. You can buy a trained puppy or you can train your puppy according to your needs and help.

The first thing to teach your dog is their name. So that in future some emergency happens at your house you may call the dog’s name for help. Though your dog can’t talk or give you a supportive hand, and can loudly bark or pass some necessary item holding in the mouth to you. Or even can attack the unknown or bite them if he speculate something wrong being done. The  dogs are faithful and genuine pets. 

Here are some of the social benefits of puppy training:

1. Guards your home:

Whenever you and your family go out for daily office work. Your trained puppy would guard your house for the day. Because of his presence, the thieves are afraid of entering the home. And if they enter they get attacked by the grown dog. Thus the social benefit of training your puppy as a home guard. An owner who has a good trained dog as a pet. He/She is the only person free from home security issues. They can help catch the thieves. The trained runner dog is good for the owner to make him catch the thieves. They are the perfect guardian of your home. Thus, A dog keeper can keep the thieves away. 

2. Makes the surrounding Happy:

Having a trained dog, he can build up the mood of every person according to their personality. If the owner comes home from the office in a tired mood. The dog becomes energetic and shows his playful nature. Thus, it keeps the family members’ mood happy and chilled. The trained dog knows how to play with the small babies when their moms go out for a while. Babies do feel accompanied with them and spend good time with them. Thus, it’s good for working moms too. Dog licks his family members too much to show his loving and familiar nature.

3. Self Physical benefits:

The third benefit is the physical benefits for the owner. A he/she requires some walking, and running after the dog in the garden. and all exercises. Because you need to run after your dog daily while roaming them. 

4. Become a consultant:

As you own a trained puppy or a grown up dog, you could now help other dog owners. So that they too can know their dogs well and can build good relationships with them. They can be able to train them for basic things like giving attention while calling their name, going out for pee and potty, and also knowing the difference between outsiders and family members. You can share your experience of dogs with the other owners. You can share with them the training tips and consulting too.

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